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Medical concierge prices

AngloMedical will not only provide treatment in the best UK clinics but also help with ordering a hotel or apartment depending on your wishes. Most diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in England are carried out on an outpatient basis, which often surprises our compatriots. Outpatient treatment and diagnosis help save money on hospital stays, help maintain a more active lifestyle and a positive mood.

We will also organize air ticket booking, meeting and seeing off at the airport, transfer, provision of services of an experienced interpreter, accompanying person, renting a mobile phone and other necessary everyday items. Below are the rates for popular AngloMedical * services:

Service Price
Drawing up a visa invitation £100
Organization of a meeting with a doctor £80
Interpreter Services **  £35/час (мин. £70)
Medical coordinator services: assistance in obtaining and processing medical records £ 250 per week or £ 500 per month
Medical Translation £40/page
Airport Transfer £80
Search and booking accommodation £100
Flight support from £700
Organization of seminars for medical staff Price by agreement

* Prices do not include VAT.
** All our translators have certificatesDSB.

Prices for treatment in England
The cost of medical services in private clinics in the UK on average does not differ from the rates of private clinics of the same level in other European countries. Estimates are always calculated individually, depending on the treatment plan prescribed by the doctor.

You can find out the approximate cost of treatment by sending us a request and a medical statement. After reviewing it, doctors and administrators of the clinic will call a preliminary amount, which may change during the treatment process depending on its course.

Some examples of prices/services for general understanding:

Service Price
Reception at the medical consultant £250-300
Full blood analysis £100
knee MRI £700-900
Electrocardiogram ECG £100-120
Lung X-rays £200
Ultrasound examination in gynaecology £420
Colonoscopy £2 450
Daily hospital stay charge £700-1 200

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): £ 5,980

Hospital: The Lister Hospital

Initial consultation: £ 250

Ultrasound: £ 200

Permogram: £ 150

Psychological support (counselling): free

Blood tests: £ 250

One IVF cycle: £ 3,570

Medicines: £ 1,560

Total amount: £ 5,980

Gastroenterology: diagnosis and endoscopy of the gastrointestinal tract: £8 230

Hospital: The Princess Grace Hospital

Initial general practitioner consultation: £ 180

Initial gastroenterologist consultation: £ 250

Blood tests: £ 350

Esophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (hospital fee): £ 3,600

Colonoscopy (hospital fee): £ 2,450

Gastroenterologist fee for the procedure: £ 800

Anesthesiologist Fee: £ 400

Gastroenterologist re-consultation: £ 200

Total price: £ 8,230

Orthopedics: Surgery for the reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee: £11 000

Hospital: BMI The Hampshire

Initial orthopaedic surgeon consultation: £ 300

MRI: £ 700

X-ray: £ 250

Repeated orthopaedic surgeon consultation: £ 250

Operation: £ 7,950

This cost includes:

– operating surgeon services

– Hospitalization

– operating room

– all drugs

– nursing care before and after surgery

– resuscitation (if necessary)

– necessary analyzes and examinations

– two sessions with a physiotherapist after surgery

– anaesthesia and anesthesiologist services

– removal of sutures

– antibiotics and painkillers after discharge

3 follow-up consultations by an orthopedic surgeon after surgery: £ 750 (£ 250 each) 10 appointments with a physiotherapist: £ 800 (£ 80 each)

Cardiology: ablation of atrial fibrillation– £14 730

Clinic: The Royal Brompton

Initial cardiologist consultation £ 300.00

Tests before surgery £ 1,050

Cost of surgery (hospital fee) £ 5,933

Surgeon’s fee £ 4,000

Anesthesiologist’s fee £ 500

Transesophageal echocardiography during surgery £ 1,300

Single ward in the hospital (round-the-clock monitoring and equipment for cardiac patients) £ 845 Echocardiogram (one day after surgery) £ 516.

Electrocardiogram (the day after surgery) £ 86

Follow-up consultation with a cardiologist £ 200

Total cost: £ 14,730

Package Pregnancy and childbirth £19 580

Clinic: The Portland Hospital

The package of services includes an obstetrician-gynecologist’s fee: 14 consultations throughout pregnancy, as well as the assistance of an obstetrician-gynaecologist during childbirth (naturally or by caesarean section).

Ultrasound and genetic studies:

An ultrasound is performed for a period of 8 weeks, 12 weeks (together with a study on genetic abnormalities of the fetus), 20 weeks and 34 weeks.

Laboratory tests (tests): Detailed blood tests are taken for periods of 12, 28 and 34.

A vaginal smear is taken for a period of 36 weeks.

The cost of childbirth (naturally) in the hospital:

Childbirth in a private ward

The work of a midwife during and after childbirth

Day stay in the postpartum ward standard class

Examination of a newborn by a paediatrician Caring for a child after childbirth

Breastfeeding Specialist Consultation

Opportunity to stay a partner in the same room with you, as well as breakfast for both of you

The ability to order food and drinks in the room during their stay in the hospital (around the clock)

Photo session of the newborn and printing photos

A gift from the hospital

Postpartum physiotherapy for a young mother and follow-up consultation with an obstetrician 6 weeks after delivery

The above cost of medical services does not include the AngloMedikal administration fee and the cost of an interpreter/coordinator.

Disclaimer: please note that these prices are strictly indicative and your individual estimate may differ both upwards and downwards.

The above cost of medical services does not include the AngloMedikal administration fee and the cost of an interpreter/coordinator.

Disclaimer: please note that these prices are strictly indicative and your individual estimate may differ both upwards and downwards.