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AngloMedical have the answer for you

Dealing with medical issues can be scary and confusing.

You may have learned recently of a serious illness and are just emerging from the shock of this news. In which case, you’re now probably thinking about the practical steps you need to take to get your health back to normal.

Or, you may have a chronic medical condition and are exploring the next phase in your recovery.

Maybe treatment in your own country is not an attractive option. It may be that you just don’t feel that the best treatment can be found there. You’re not alone. Many are in a similar position and are seeking treatment abroad.

Alternatively, it may be that you or your loved ones are in good health and aim to keep it that way. You or your children are perhaps living, working or studying in the UK and plan to maintain your health by being proactive.

The solution?

Trust in experienced medical professionals who understand your needs and who can help you each step of the way by gaining access to the best doctors and hospitals in London, one of the world’s centres of excellence for medical care.

We have walked this path with many clients. We understand your challenges and what options you have.

AngloMedical are the market leader in organising world class medical treatment for expats resident in the UK. Our clients also include UK natives and overseas patients.

We provide consulting, booking, interpreting and assistance with visas and accommodation. We will arrange your consultation with a top medical professional in one of the best UK private hospitals.

We specialise in helping patients who expect the highest standards in personalised healthcare and state-of-the-art diagnostic and medical technology.

Offering you the best medical care options available in the UK

Treatment options

Diagnostic Health Screening: for well men and women and future mothers

Our wellness programs for men, women, and children, take care of most of the regular check ups and offer a proactive – preventative ‘maintenance’ approach to personal healthcare. For the most part, that’s all you need. However, when there are problems, through us, you have fast access to many of the UK top medical professionals and facilities.

We cover every concern, whether it be individual needs assessment, second opinions, scheduling, interpreting, transfers – in short, we offer the complete service for discerning patients.

Private GP and family health management service

Whether you need advice, diagnosis or a prescription, our doctors will provide the highest standards of care with minimal delays. Test results are often in their hands just hours after they’ve been carried out, thanks to AngloMedical’s use of advanced diagnostic services. A fast turnaround can often nip illness in the bud, save precious life-giving time which leads to a faster return to full health.

We cover every concern, whether it be individual needs assessment, second opinions, scheduling, interpreting, transfers – in short, we offer the complete service for discerning patients.

Health Management Plan for Overseas Students

British universities and private education have a special attraction for parents looking to provide a better future for their children. AngloMedical offers a special Medical Package for Students and Children studying in the UK. It is a round-the-clock medical concierge service, covering all possible health contingencies, giving parents full peace of mind.

Healthy Baby Package

Your infant’s health is the most precious thing in the world. And as a parent living abroad, you will want to be doubly sure that your child’s development is carefully monitored and any health emergencies resolved rapidly. That is why AngloMedical offers a comprehensive medical programme for new-borns up until the age of two. This is to ensure regular supervision by your personal paediatric GP, who will provide a fully-integrated healthcare service.


Expat, 63 years old, in need of cardiological care

When I started searching there were too many options, and all the doctors’ sites were claiming to be the best. My wife heard about AngloMedical from friends. She called there and they organised a consultation with a highly qualified and competent cardiologist in 2 days.

Mother of a 8 year old girl who came to London for a complicated surgery

We are deeply grateful to AngloMedical. When we arrived in London, we were met at the airport and escorted to our apartment in central London. During all consultations we were accompanied by interpreters, therefore we had no difficulties. The atmosphere was always welcoming and positive.

A doctor of a Premier Russian football club talks about his experience

of AngloMedical when his wife’s illness demanded an immediate solution. The result exceeded my expectations… Three days after our first enquiry we were already sat in one of the best London clinics, being helped by true professionals


Pregnancy & Birth

We offer a bespoke package – “Pregnancy and birth at The Lindo Wing”. The list of services offered under the package is tailor-made to suit each individual patient’s needs.

Check UP

A good principle of preventative medicine is to undergo health check-ups – at least every 3 years for adults and annually for children. Very frequently diseases that are spotted early enough are much easier to treat, and early diagnostics can even save lives, for instance when cancer is diagnosed at a very early stage.


Our highly qualified dermatologists conduct comprehensive diagnostics and treatment of the whole range of skin, hair and nail diseases, such as moles, psoriasis, acne, warts, eczema and all types of skin cancer. We also work with cosmetic dermatology specialists who deal with problems such as scars and age-related skin changes using intravenous injections and chemical peels.


Nephrologists treat all kind of kidney diseases, such as acute renal failure, urolithiasis, pyelonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, renal artery stenosis, renal anaemia, hematuria (blood in urine), kidney failure and kidney cancer.


British neurosurgeons have made a huge contribution to the development of neonatal and minimally invasive surgery. Unique technologies and techniques developed in our partner hospitals rescue premature babies with intraventricular haemorrhage and allow treatment of complex brain tumours in patients of any age.


Endocrinology as a science studies hormones that regulate different functions of our bodies, and the ways our bodies respond to, modify or metabolize them. The body’s endocrine system includes the pancreas, the thyroid, parathyroid, pineal, hypothalamus, adrenal and pituitary glands, and the ovaries and testes.

Major UK hospitals we work with

In the UK, you’re in good hands

The UK is one of the best countries in the world to help you resolve medical issues or maintain your health. If you’re based overseas, maybe a foreign national in the UK or even a UK resident who’s looking to access the best private medical treatment, call one of our specialists at AngloMedical today.

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Founded in 2009, AngloMedical was born out of a vision to assist international patients in navigating and accessing the excellent but complex private healthcare system in the UK. 

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