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This week my son Kolya and I returned home! Thank God, the operation is over, and we are again with our loved ones!

Recalling our treatment in London, I want to write so much, but no words will express the feelings that the heart feels. What does it feel? First of all, thanks! Everyone, without exception! Throughout the period with us was the company AngloMedical. We were met, escorted from the airport, showed the route to the clinic in detail, were with us during all the necessary research; the language barrier was never felt because there was a translation. There was nothing to worry about. Even during the entire operation of my son, I was not left alone with my experiences, there was an employee from AngloMedical with me, thanks to which many hours of surgical intervention passed quickly. All the staff at the Great Ormond Street Hospital where we were treated were very friendly and attentive. I would like to express special thanks to our surgeon Imran Mushtaq, who is loved not only by all the children but also by the parents of these children! The professionalism of his hands truly work wonders, and his eyes shining with kindness set only on the positive. Volunteers from the Russian Orthodox Church visited us at the hospital. Thanks to the caring attitude of all, our stay in the hospital went very quickly. Christmas is coming, and all of London is waiting for the magic. So he will be remembered by us: with decorations, lights, Christmas trees and pre-holiday mood. I do not even want to call this trip a treatment trip, it was a journey that significantly improved my health, and gave me a lot of hope for a good future! Kolya and I congratulate everyone on Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Of course, we want to wish everyone health! Let’s not be discouraged! All of us all will be good !!! Let the Christmas miracle go into every family! We have already done this miracle, even more than we dreamed of! (We would like to express special words of gratitude to Rusfond, without his help, our treatment would definitely not take place. We are also very grateful to Olga, who provided us with free accommodation and comfortable conditions and also helped in everything).

Reviewed by mom of Kolya Atroshenko

I don’t get tired to thank you and all those who helped my family to be happy, every day and hour to hear and see how it grows and changes...

Of course, it is not quite right to call him that, because he has already finished first grade. We were very worried, for Ilya, how he would cope, because he had never been alone in the team, did not know what discipline is, and they were not afraid of knowledge. When we returned from London, we decided to leave it for home schooling, or, after all, send it to school, we decided that it should go and develop and communicate. And Ilyusha pleased us, successfully finished the first class, received many diplomas, participated in competitions and contests, and again I want to say thank you to our volunteers in London: while our doctors struggled with Ilyusha’s illness, Svetlana Platonova taught, taught, and taught, and such a huge store of knowledge gave. And they did it, they won !!! And those impressions and the knowledge base that was laid in us in London is worth a lot. Ilya still has talked about friends from London, parks and playgrounds, and all this is a difficult time for us, he recalls with such joy and love. And when the school raised the question of which foreign language Ilya would naturally learn, it sounded like English. Today was the last call, we were waiting for him, and when he arrived, Ilya said he did not want to go on vacation, how would he be without his classmates? But not only Ilyusha was engaged in school, but he also went to study at the Breakdance group, and learned to swim in the pool. So, we don’t give him boredom. And now, in June, we are going to be examined in St. Petersburg, a year and a half have already passed since we are at home. Thank you very much to everyone in Anglomedikal, to all doctors and nurses, to all game workers, to all volunteers, to everyone, to everyone, to everyone with whom fate brought us together, to the Rusfond, for your great work, for your warm hands and kind hearts, for our Ilusha is with us.

Tatyana, mother of Ilyusha Sofienko

We received a letter from mother Alesha D....

Exactly a year ago, my son Alexei, Professor Mushtak in London, underwent a serious reconstructive operation on the ureters and bladder, after several unsuccessful operations by other doctors. My son’s life has changed dramatically for the better. He is free to attend children’s institutions, engage in easy sports, swim in the pool. He stopped shy and went to contact with peers. All this became possible thanks to our wizard – Professor Mushtaq. This is a doctor from God who really finds an individual approach to the child and is fighting for the most comfortable existence for the child. Not to express in words how much I am grateful to him and to all who helped and assisted us — the Rusfonda and AngloMedical team, who organize everything perfectly and thanks to whom we got to the professor, to all the people who helped us go to England and undergo this treatment. Thank you all, kind and sympathetic hearts! “We are proud to have helped organize Alyosha’s treatment in London and wish him health and good luck in everything!

"This is a doctor from God, a wizard ..."

Thank you very much from the Vasilyev family to the whole AngloMedical team.

 We are very grateful to these amazing, wonderful people for their help, attention and participation in organizing the treatment of children. Of course, it’s not easy for us (there are many of us and everyone’s problems!), But they find time, opportunities, strength, patience. Children not only receive a high-quality treatment but also get new impressions and acquaintances, which is extremely important for their health!

Sincerely, Anna Vasilyeva.

A letter from the Vasilyev family after the treatment of Egor with Dr Mushtak.

from Anna Vasilyeva

My name is Victoria, and my four-year-old son is Leo.

In May of this year, he was diagnosed with leukodystrophy. In a panic, I began to knock on all the doors, but no one opened them to us. I wrote in many countries of the world, but only one company responded to my grief, and it was Anglo Medical. I thank them very much for giving us such an opportunity – to go to London for a re-examination.

Friendly people met us at the airport in London and settled into an apartment in the city centre. Constantly at the doctors’ reception, we were accompanied by translators from the AngloMedikal company, so we did not experience any difficulties. I would like to express special thanks to Vlad – a wonderful translator and a man!

Thanks to all the employees of Anglo Medical for what they are and for carrying out such a necessary mission in a foreign country for us!

Mom of Lev Donets - about their medical journey in London