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Treatment Organisation

We are always happy to answer your questions. All Anglomedical employees speak Russian.

We work London time from 9.00 to 18.00. If the answering machine turns on, please leave a message with your phone number after the tone. We will call you back in a few hours.

Initial enquiry 

Send us an e-mail info@anglomedical.com the latest discharge from medical history (in English).

Landline number
+44 203 808 36 29


send an email: info@anglomedical.com

Selection and consultation with experts

We will select a specialist whose professional interests correspond to your disease. He will review the medical statement and write out a treatment plan. Based on his letter, the financial department of the clinic will make an estimate.

If there is not enough information in the statement, we will be able to arrange a Skype consultation or a diagnostic check-in for you.

Visa support
After you tell us about your decision to come to the UK, we will prepare a package of documents for you to submit to the visa application centre.

Selection of housing and meeting at the airport
If necessary, our specialists will help you organize your accommodation and will meet you at the airport.

Personal Coordinator Services
Before arriving in the UK, you will receive a schedule of meetings with your doctor and the necessary procedures. Upon arrival, you will be contacted by your personal coordinator, with whom you will be able to resolve all current issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to you?
It is necessary to send us a request by attaching an extract from medical history in English. Our specialists will contact you within one working day to confirm receipt of the application and, if necessary, clarify details. After that, within two working days, our doctors will review the documents and draw up a treatment plan, according to which you will be given an estimate. Three to five days after submitting your application, you will receive a doctor’s report and an estimate of treatment and you will be able to decide on your arrival in the UK For less complex cases, the answer can be obtained the next day.

If necessary, we are ready to help you with the solution of all non-medical issues – visa support, transfer, accommodation, transfers, coordinating services. To do this, you only need to tell our employee your wishes.

Why do you need an extract in English?
We will arrange for your treatment in an English clinic, and the Russian language is not yet common among the doctors we work with. In order to get a decision on what treatment you should offer and how much it will cost, a doctor needs to get as much information as possible about you and the course of your illness.


What if I don’t speak English?
You can order a translation of any medical documentation from us, as well as the support of a professional medical interpreter for all meetings with the doctor and procedures.


Can I choose a doctor and clinic to which I want to go?
Our specialists select the clinic and doctors in accordance with their specialization and on the basis of the documents you send. In our database – more than fifty clinics and more than three thousand doctors. However, if you firmly know who you want to go to, we will contact this doctor and ask him to review your documents.

Doctors in the UK are independent in making decisions and are guided only by the interests of the patient. If the specialist you have chosen considers you are not sufficiently versed in this matter, he can refer you to his colleague. When choosing a doctor, you will receive complete information about his biography, specialization and professional interests and qualifications. At your request, we can also compile a list of consultants specializing in your subject so that you can choose the doctor who is your greatest trust.


How much will my treatment cost? Can I get a price list?
The estimate is put on a treatment plan made up according to your medical history. We practice a strictly individual approach, so without prior examination of medical documents, we will not be able to orient you at a cost. If you are interested in prices for some standard procedures, then upon request we will provide you with their cost in various clinics in London.


Is the examination inpatient or outpatient?
In most cases, the examination is performed on an outpatient basis. This will save you money for a hospital room – and also enjoy walks around London, combining business with pleasure.


Is the estimate I received the final cost of treatment? Can it change?
The estimate is made on the basis of the medical history received from you. However, any treatment is always individual, and the treatment plan may change depending on the response of your body. Every time you meet, the doctor specifies the treatment plan, so the final cost may differ from the original estimate. A pleasant surprise lies in the fact that the worst case scenario for the development of a treatment is usually included in the estimate – so the bill may change to the lower side.

If you come to a specific procedure, its price will not differ from the one that is written in the estimate. But diagnostic costs are often specified after the initial examination of the patient – including the case that the diagnosis is not confirmed, which means that the doctor is already on-site reviewing the treatment plan.


Can I get a diagnosis for diagnosis?
Of course, but all tests and scans are appointed only after the initial examination by a general practitioner or an appropriate specialist.


Why are your doctors called consultants? They are not real doctors?
On the contrary, a consultant is the highest medical degree that can be obtained only after five years of independent work in a state clinic.


Can you find me a sponsor?
Unfortunately, we are not engaged in the selection of sponsors. However, we can prepare an estimate and report of the doctor and write a cover letter for the charitable foundation to which you are applying. We have many years of fruitful cooperation with many funds.