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Not sure if your diagnosis or treatment is correct? Do not know whether to agree on an operation? Your fears and worries are perfectly justified, because health is the most valuable thing in the life of every person, and they cannot be risked.
Now you can make the right decision by consulting with world-class experts from the UK.
The “Second Opinion” service, provided by AngloMedical, allows you to get a consultation of a doctor (consultation of doctors) specializing in a specific disease in a short time. The scheme of work is very simple:
You send us your medical information: an extract, images, test results and other information relevant to the problem.
You pay for the service. Its cost depends on the medical composition and ranges from £ 200 to £ 800.
Within 3–7 working days (the term is a week if the consultation of doctors is required), experts evaluate the materials received and prepare their recommendations on your problem.

You get recommendations and study them (if you wish, discuss with your doctor).
We will organize a skype conference for you with the participation of a medical consultant and translator, as well as possibly your attending physician. During the conversation, you can ask the specialist all the questions you have.

Who can benefit from a second opinion service?

A second opinion service may be useful for you …
When you are faced with a situation in which the doctor can not give you a definite diagnosis.
When you are offered a choice of several treatment options.
When you can not get a clear answer to your question about your own health.
When you need to decide on treatment abroad.
The best world experts on the problem that bothers you will be able to provide you with their conclusion and recommendations – no matter where you are or how mobile.

What diseases can be treated?

The service is currently available in the following areas:
Reproductive medicine
Organ transplantation
Plastic surgery

Who are the doctors who will work with you?

Consultations or consultations by British doctors specializing in this field and having considerable work experience conduct consultations in each area. You can also choose the doctor you would like to contact on our website.

How to ask for advice?

First of all, leave a request to us. Our experts will contact you, discuss your case, tell you what documents you need.
How do you choose a doctor?
After listening to you, our specialists will select the most appropriate specialist for your case. We work with more than a hundred of the best doctors in the country, and therefore are able to find a doctor who specializes in precisely that narrow area that interests the patient. We are also ready to take into account your wishes on the choice of a specialist if you have them.

How is video consultation with a doctor?

Having selected the necessary specialist, we agree with him about the consultation. As a rule, she is appointed 2 weeks after the application: this time will be spent on collecting, preparing and translating your medical documents, sending them to the doctor, examining your case and preparing a written report.
What should be prepared before the video consultation?
Prepare all test results, medical records and other medical documents (scans, x-rays, etc.) related to the disease that you want to discuss with your doctor.
Also, our experts will send you a questionnaire that you will need to fill out and send along with the rest of the documents.
You can independently organize the translation of documentation, and you can entrust it to us – our translators will correctly and correctly translate texts into English.
After that, the doctor will be able to familiarize himself with the documents, carefully study everything and prepare his opinion on your case. We can also translate the conclusion into Russian. After you study it, you will be able to discuss the conclusion with our specialist during a video consultation.

What language will the video consultation be in?

It must be remembered that most of our doctors are British, who do not know Russian. If you need to translate your questions and answers to the doctor, our medical coordinator can – he will not only translate from English but also help to deal with incomprehensible medical terms.
How long does the video consultation take?
The duration of the video consultation is 45 minutes, during which time you will have time to ask the doctor all your concerns.

What can I ask the doctor?

We understand that after reading the text of the conclusion, you may have questions – in order for you to receive all the information you are interested in, you need a video consultation. You can clarify with the doctor everything that is left incomprehensible to you in the conclusion, ask more about what you should do next, discuss his recommendations.

What to do next with the information received?

Following the consultation, our doctor will prepare an opinion based on your data. You can take this conclusion to your doctor and discuss it with him, and then attend a video consultation with him. You can also independently draw conclusions about what decision you should take (for example, about the need for treatment abroad) based on medical recommendations.

Is it possible, on the recommendation of a doctor, to organize additional video conferences with other specialists?

If necessary, and on the recommendation of a doctor, you can further hold a video conference with other specialists – they will be sent not only your conclusion but also a full package of documents. However, in some cases, a medical consultation can be a good alternative – consultation, in which all specialists will immediately take part, who may consider the patient’s problem from different points of view and collectively draw a conclusion.

Can a doctor who gave a second opinion speak with a doctor in attendance?

If you want your attending physician to speak with a British specialist, this is possible. All you need is to agree with your doctor and get in touch together at the appointed time.
How to get a conclusion?
The conclusion is sent to the patient by mail within approximately two weeks from the moment the medical records, application form and payment are sent.

How to pay a consultation?

We accept both bank transfers and electronic money. More specifically, you can discuss payment methods with our specialist.
How will the conference be organized?
Our managers will be happy to help you schedule the most convenient consultation time – on the agreed date, you can get in touch both with your doctor and separately – and listen to the doctors’ conversation, as well as ask your clarifying questions.

Is it possible to hold a medical consultation?

Interdisciplinary consultation (medical consultation) is an online consultation, which is attended by 3-5 doctors of different specialities who are able from different points of view to assess the patient’s condition. Quite often, the problem affects several groups of organs or body systems, and in order to comprehensively assess the condition and give the most competent recommendations, the opinion of several specialists from different fields of medicine is needed. In such cases, we recommend our patients to consult with a consultation of doctors.

Who decides which doctors take part in the consultation?

Consilium can be appointed either immediately or on the basis of a personal or inter-medical consultation. In the second case, the composition of the consultation is determined by the doctor who conducted the first consultation, in the first specialists of our company, themselves having a medical education, on the basis of the patient’s medical documentation, compile a list of necessary specialists.

How will the organization of the consultation take place?

AngloMedical assumes the organization of the consultation – you just have to provide the necessary documents, fill out a questionnaire and name the date and time of the consultation convenient for you.