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Check Up

A good principle of preventative medicine is to undergo health check-ups – at least every 3 years for adults and annually for children. Very frequently diseases that are spotted early enough are much easier to treat, and early diagnostics can even save lives, for instance when cancer is diagnosed at a very early stage. Moreover, during your check-up doctors would not only assess your present state of health but would also give invaluable advice on lifestyle and other choices to prevent future diseases, based on your medical history and individual health risks.

General check-ups are usually conducted under the supervision of a General Practitioner, who then refers the patient to specialised consultants if the investigations reveal the need to do so. Check-up starts with a 60 minutes consultation with a General Practitioner, who takes your full medical history, body measurements and puts together your diagnostic plan based on your needs and requests. All investigations are arranged at a time convenient for the patient, and then the patient meets the doctor again to discuss the results.

Specialised check-ups are also available – we can refer you straight to a relevant consultant to undergo reproductive, gastroenterological, ophthalmological and a comprehensive list of other check-ups.